The Five Elements Of Relational Intelligence

First Key Element  |  Secure Attachment

Secure Attachment A strong parent-child bond that’s foundational to all other elements

Relational Intelligence begins with secure attachment. It is the foundation that all 4 of the other key elements are built upon. In the book we discuss what it means to for your child to be securely attached and how you can provide this life changing component to your child - even if your child is an older teen!

Second Key Element  |  Fearless Exploration

Fearless Exploration A child being able to explore their world with confidence

From that base of "secure attachment," life becomes a series of short and long journey's away from safe base. Here we'll share links, resources and thoughts regarding helping your son or daughter explore their world!

Third Key Element  |  Unwavering Resilience

Unwavering Resilience Getting up and overcoming from challenging and stressful situations

Like stepping-stones on a path, resilience is the natural outcome of our children taking steps to explore their world. Along the way, they will occasionally get tripped up and fall when exploring. Yet, in the same way that didn't stop your child from getting up and learning to walk, we'll show you how to help your child/children gain the internal strength to get up and keep moving forward, even in the face of challenges.

Fourth Key Element  |  Wise Decision-Making

Wise Descision Making The sound, logical decisions that give a child self-control

The biblical word for "wisdom" carries with it the idea of "skill at living." It's a picture which means to push two things apart to see their differences. For any of us, it's through making mistakes in life that we're able to see a better course. Over time, we'll provide you with additional links, resources and other thoughts about helping your child learn - sometimes from failure or poor decisions - how to make wise-decisions.

Fifth Key Element  |  Future-Focused Service

Future-Focused Service A child serving others by using their God-given strengths and gifts

We were never made to do life alone. This final element of Relational Intelligence is an extension of the first four. It's when our child is strongly, safely attached, has the courage to explore, is unwavering in their resilience, and has learned from his or her mistakes to make wise-decisions, that they're really free to move from focusing on self to future-focused serving others! That's when they have the confidence, courage and optimism to know they can make a difference in their world!

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