About the Connect Assessment®

Every individual is born with a specific personality. You were born with a unique set of personality characteristics that have been shaped and molded over the years by various environments and meaningful relationships. Today, these characteristics greatly determine how you tend to interact with others around you and how you attempt to manage your environments.

Your Connect Assessment personal profile report is designed to help you better understand your natural or core tendencies as well as inform you as to how you are possibly adapting today to better manage your relationships and environments, all based on the answers you provide during a brief questionnaire. Our experiences over the years has consistently shown that even though you may not agree with everything in your report, you will tend to connect with an overwhelming majority of what you read. If you find that is not the case, we suggest you share your report with those closest to you and solicit their opinion regarding your report.

Our objective is to help you better “Connect” by gaining more insights about yourself and others around you. We believe and trust that if you will objectively consider what you are about to discover inside this report, the result can possibly help you experience more enhanced relationships and a more meaningful life.

Your Connect Assessment will include multiple sections tailored to your unique personality profile, including the following elements:

  • A Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, Beaver profile of your personality
  • A summary of your Individual Strengths
  • A description of your Decision Making tendencies
  • Statements regarding how you tend to Connect and Disconnect with others
  • How your prefer to Communicate
  • A summary of your Conflict Resolution preferences
  • How you tend to respond When Under Stress
  • A few recommendations you should consider in order to Better Connecting with Others

You will discover a lot about yourself and possibly even more about those you come in contact with on a consistent basis. It is important for you to remember that while the majority of the content found in your report will accurately describe you, there still may be a certain amount of what you read that doesn’t seem to align with what you think or feel about yourself. Regarding those areas where you tend to not agree, we suggest that you share your results in an objective manner with those whom you believe have a close relationship with you or simply know you well. Every individual tends to not recognize certain characteristics or habits about themselves that will be more readily noticed by those close to them. Soliciting their response may help you better understand what is written about you from their perspective, thus providing even more information not listed in this report.

Because each of us live life alongside others, we recommend that you visit this information on a consistent basis. You might also consider using various sections of this report as discussion points with those closest to you, such as your spouse, other family members, friends and co-workers. Lastly, we also recommend that you become intentional at retaking this assessment every 12 to 14 months, simply to examine how you might be maturing and changing in your interactions with others.

Thank you for allowing us to help you discover more about your relationship with yourself and with others in your world. We hope what you have discovered will result in you doing life together today with others in much more meaningful ways.

Relational Intelligence
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The Relationally Intelligent Child Book

The Connect Assessment®

Understanding your natural tendencies and those of the other family members living in your household is extremely important when it comes to relational intelligence. That's why we've made it possible for each of you to take our Connect Assessment® featuring the Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver for FREE. You have the opportunity to take an assessment as a parent and for each of your children.

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The Five Key Elements

Secure Attachment Secure Attachment A strong parent-child bond that’s foundational to all other elements
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Fearless Exploration Fearless Exploration A child being able to explore their world with confidence
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Unwavering Resilience Unwavering Resilience Getting up and overcoming from challenging and stressful situations
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Wise Descision Making Wise Descision Making The sound, logical decisions that give a child self-control
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Future-Focused Service Future-Focused Service A child serving others by using their God-given strengths and gifts
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